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Two Meters Miniature Energy Storage Device Container Off Assembly Line

Time:2024-03-07 Views:0
As we all know, the battery storage container has the characteristics of safety, efficiency and long service life. In addition, it has the advantages of short construction cycle, high modularity, easy transportation and installation. All along, the energy storage industry has been a key national support and development of the industry, and battery energy storage equipment container is also one of the future important ways of energy storage..

Before the Spring Festival, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) received an order from a new energy company in Guangzhou, requiring assistance in the design and production of two miniature outdoor energy storage equipment container samples, requiring completion and delivery within 20 days. Due to tight time and heavy tasks, technical department and production department cooperated with colleagues and actively communicated with the customer to promote the production, and finally completed the production within the stipulated delivery period, and successfully passed the acceptance and delivered to the customer in early March.

It is understood that the external dimension of container is 2110x1610x2200 mm (LxWxH), which is a miniature battery energy storage container for outdoor use. The front and rear doors are designed, the battery rack is placed in the center, the front end is the battery cabin, and the back end is the electrical cabin. Among them, the battery compartment serves as the energy storage and supply side, and the electrical compartment converts the battery direct current into usable alternating current through two inverters. The front door is equipped with industrial air conditioning. Through the cold air pipe on the top of the box, the temperature control of the double cabin is realized. In addition, the floor of the equipment container is made of 4mm pattern steel plate, and the whole container is laid with 50mm rock wool insulation layer.

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