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20 Foot Marine Equipment Container Rolling Off The Line

Time:2024-01-06 Views:0
At the beginning of January, a 13-meter flatbed semi-trailer carrying two 20 feet marine equipment containers slowly drove out of the workshop gate of Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd and was sent to Guangzhou on the same day to be delivered to the customer and put into use. At this point, our company successfully completed the shipment plan of the last order in 2023.

It is understood that the external dimensions of the container is 6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm (LxWxH), which is consistent with the dimension of a 20 feet standard shipping container, which is easy to lift, transfer and stack. Due to the particularity of the work site, the container needs to sail on the sea with the ship for a long time, and is exposed to strong direct sunlight and high salt spray. Therefore, the customer specially chooses pure white as the appearance color of the container, one is that the light color can reflect the sunlight to the greatest extent, avoid the temperature in the container is too high, and the other is that the white is conducive to identifying the rust location, which is convenient for later maintenance and cleaning.

In terms of materials, the container bottom side beam is made of 16# national standard channel steel, the bottom beam is 4mm bent, and equip 4mm thickness checkered steel floor. In addition, the top plate, front wall and door panel are 2mm corrugated plate, and the side wall panel is 1.6mm corrugated plate, which can fully meet the needs of customers in terms of payload and stacking. In terms of structure, the container retains a standard rear door, with a steel door opening on one side and a canopy covering the top. The opening direction of the side doors of the two containers is symmetrical and can be used in pairs. In addition, two rows of stainless steel shelves are installed on both sides of the container, and two LED lights are installed on the top for lighting.

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