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20 Foot Concrete Smart Nurseries Off Line

Time:2023-12-07 Views:20
In early September, a company under the Sixth Bureau of China Construction contacted Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd to order a containerized concrete intelligent standard room sample container, requiring the container to be equipped with 4 meters long shelves and 60 storage baskets for placing concrete samples. At the same time, the temperature inside the container should be kept at (20±2) ℃, and the humidity should be kept above 95%. After one month of experiment, the influence of different environment on the strength of concrete block was recorded, and finally it was taken out for secondary pressure test. In early December, after nearly three months of container production and equipment installation and commissioning, the 20-foot concrete smart standard room sample container was successfully rolled off production line and shipped.

It is reported that the external dimensions of the container are the same as the dimensions of a 20 feet standard shipping container, that is 6058x2438x2591 mm (LxWxH), with a pair of standard marine container rear doors. In terms of appearance, the container body is sprayed in dark blue, and the words "China Construction Sixth Bureau - Concrete Intelligent Standard Room" are printed on the right side of the container. In terms of structure, the side wall of the container has a large observation window with a size of 4000x900 mm (LxW), which is convenient for researchers to observe the evolution of concrete under different temperature and humidity conditions outside. In addition, both sides of the container are provided with a single door, the upper end of the door is provided with a small observation window, the lower end is equipped with ventilation shutters.

According to reports, intelligent concrete maintenance is an efficient, intelligent and safe maintenance method, by integrating intelligent equipment into the container (inside the container installed temperature and humidity monitoring, automatic shower system, etc.), real-time monitoring can be achieved and digital management can be carried out. Effectively improve the strength and durability of concrete, reduce the waste and loss in the construction process, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of construction.