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Hisense Integrated Smart Cold Station Smoothly Offline

Time:2023-11-09 Views:79
In mid-October, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd received an order from a Guangdong air conditioning and refrigeration company to participate in the design and production of a 20 feet integrated smart cold station sample container, which placed related refrigeration equipment inside, and sent it to the project site for use after acceptance by the end customer.

The container is the same dimension as a standard 20 feet high cube shipping container, which is 6058 x 2438 x 2896 mm (LxWxH). In terms of materials, the whole container is made of shipping container’s standard weathering steel material, the bottom side beam is 16# hot-rolled channel steel, the bottom cross beam is 4mm bent, and the steel floor with 4mm pattern is laid on the top. The special bottom frame arrangement facilitates the installation and fixing of refrigeration equipment. In terms of structure, the front wall and the right wall have two water outlet holes for cooling water, the left wall is equipped with ventilation steel shutters near the bottom side beam, and there is a special maintenance door next to it with double lock rod design. In addition, the main color of the container is white, and the green LOGO of "Hisense-Integrated Smart Cold Station" is printed on the side of the container.

Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Low-carbon Life have become the green lifestyle advocated by the state. As the largest province of refrigeration energy consumption, Guangdong province has great energy saving potential. Therefore, the efficient and intelligent refrigeration integrated station has gradually become the most popular refrigeration room on the market, and it has the characteristics of "Intelligent Control, Energy Saving and High Efficiency, Integration and Integration", which is safe and reliable and has a wide range of application.