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The Refrigerated Ice Storage Container Was Delivered Successfully

Time:2023-10-07 Views:72
For a long time, the traditional concept of "polyurethane foam insulation layer + aluminum alloy T-shaped floor" as the core of the thermal insulation containers and refrigerated containers, is widely used in the storage and freshness of refrigerated goods. However, ordinary steel dry cargo containers are specially designed to have this function. At the beginning of September, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd undertook the commission of an energy-saving technology company in Guangzhou and successfully completed an 11-meter refrigeration ice storage container.。

The container’s external dimensions is 11000 x 3000 x 2800 mm (LxWxH) and the bottom hollow design is used to house the stationary large ice slurry machine. There are two pairs of double side doors and one pair of single side doors on each side of the container, and the rear door of the container is reserved. At the same time, the front and rear ends of the container are installed with exhaust fans and rain cover to ensure that the air duct in the container is smooth, and the top of the container is also equipped with 3 units 20-watt LED lights to provide good lighting. In terms of materials, in addition to the bottom beam using 18# national standard channel steel, the top beam and corner post using 150x150x6 mm square pipe, the rest of the roof, side panels, corner parts and other components are made of standard shipping container materials.

It is reported that the refrigeration ice storage container is installed in the indirect dynamic ice slurry unit, through the dynamic ice storage technology to achieve the purpose of power peak, that is, in the valley period of industrial electricity refrigeration ice storage, and in the peak period of industrial electricity power, through the ice release of the cold air to the opposite air conditioning system cooling, so as to make full use of the night low power, improve economic efficiency while saving energy. The person in charge of the project revealed that Heng Yu Bin Cheng, an online celebrity real estate in Shenzhen Bay, is also one of the early users and beneficiaries of this technology.