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Industrial Alcohol Explosion-proof Container------A Help Boost of Cosmetics Industry by Standard Automobile

Time:2020-05-16 Views:15
Nowadays, cosmetics industry, especially cosmetic manufacturing is being flourishing with the development of economic society and the improvement of people’s living standard. However, since industrial alcohol is a fundamental raw material in cosmetics industry, its secure storage is becoming an essential issue for relevant enterprises as their production scale expand.

In May, the industrial alcohol explosion-proof containers which were designed & manufactured by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) have been successfully completed from production line. The container, which shares the same dimension with the 40 feet shipping one, provides enough space for storage as well as the security of the storage, meanwhile ensures its mobility. That is to say, the industrial alcohol explosion-proof container is a perfect solution for all these problems.

In terms of safety performance, the industrial alcohol explosion-proof container manufactured by Standard Automobile (Guangdong) has been innovative designed according to the particularity of industrial alcohol. Apart from the conventional device, explosion-proof, fire-proof, lighting-proof, smog alarm and temp-control system, the container is equipped with anti-overflow device and gas concentration control system. When hazardous liquid overflowed to the floor unintentionally, the anti-overflow device could prevent the danger of spreading by its liquid collecting hole and tube, which could lead out the liquid to the designated vessel outside the container. On the other hand, when the gas sensor in the container senses that the concentration of the gas is higher than the upper limit, the alarm rings automaticly, meanwhile the 4 sets of anti-explosion exhaust fan operate for ventilation of the container.